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Explore our collection of Nature's art where everything is For Sale

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See an extensive array of fossils, minerals, shells, mounted bugs and butterflies. And because each object has been shaped by nature, each is, like any original masterpiece, absolutely one of a kind.

Plus we have stone and mineral sculptures, wood carvings and kites from Indonesia, and other exotic objects.

Visit us at an open house, a special show or call to inquire about an appointment or a special piece.

2017 Schedule

Open Houses

at 3443 Daleview Dr.

Saturday-Sunday 11 -5 pm

November 25-26

December 2-3


Special Shows

Detroit Gem, Mineral, & Fossil Show
Macomb Community College South Campus

Attend one of our Open Houses or call for an appointment and see our large assortment of minerals, fossils, etc.--





Or call for an appointment:
(734) 994-3048

Of Special Interest in our Showroom

cave bearpaddlefish

(left) 3'x6' 100,000 year old Russian Cave Bear


(right) 43"x18.75" Rare Eocene age Paddlefish from the Green River Formation